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Giske (island)

The mayors of Giske incomplete list : present: Harry Valderhaug KrF Geography[ edit ] A beach in Giske on Giske island The municipality is composed of four main islands: Giskewhich gives its name to the municipality because of its historical importance, Vigrawhich is where Ålesund's airport is located, Valderøyawhere the municipal administration is located, and Godøya.

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There are also many smaller islands within its boundaries. The Alnes LighthouseErkna Lighthouseand Storholmen lighthouse are all located on islands in the municipality.

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The main islands are all connected to the mainland of Norway by a network of tunnels and bridges. Godøy Tunnel connects Godøy to Giske island.

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Giske Bridge connects Giske island and Valderøy. A causeway connects Vigra island and Valderøy island. All islands are connected to Valderøy island which is where the main Valderøy Tunnel connects the whole municipality to Ellingsøya island in Ålesund Municipality.

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Finally, the Ellingsøy Tunnel connects that island to the town of Ålesund. History[ edit ] Giske is the site of Mjelthaugenan ancient dating norway i giske place dating from the Bronze Age. The site was the location of excavations inand Giske is also the place where, according to Snorre SturlasonHarald Fairhair had his hair cut after uniting Norway.

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The historic Giske Church is also located on the island of Giske.

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