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Click here to read it in English Close description Historiske og kulturelle perler på lesja singeltreff snor, unike overnattingssteder og lokale gårdsbutikker. Alt tett forbundet. Welcome to a vibrant Hadeland steeped in history As you drive along the beautiful Randsfjordlinna, a cultural landscape of exceptional beauty opens up — gran dating norway of which has remained untouched for centuries.

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It is home to the beautiful Kongevegen meandering through the countryside, unique hotels and guest houses, striking local art and crafts, charming farm shops, medieval churches, burial mounds, and cultural heritage sites — all well signposted.

The attractions are varied and within easy reach of each other.

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Among some of those well gran dating norway a visit are: - Glasslåven — a unique art gallery and atelier for professional artists. For those staying overnight, Hadeland offers an excellent choice of accommodation. Among the many providers are Granavolden Gjæstgiveri and Hotell Hadeland — both in a stunning setting surrounded by pastures with grazing cows, and both serving delicious food.

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