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iveland dating norway

In old references and on old labels, this area has also been referred to as Setesdalen Setesdalwhich is the valley along the river Otra. The pegmatites are enriched in REE and have originated at ca.

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Notes to the mineral list: - The monazites found in the Iveland area are most probably monazite- Cebut not all localities monazites have yet been analyzed. Selbekk et al.

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The pink mica as muscovite Rosing-Schow et al. In Norway, there is a law called the "Allemannsretten". This law gives everybody free access to nature, and it is allowed to pick berries and mushrooms.

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Picking up a few rocks from the surface is also allowed, but as soon as you start digging or hammering, the Allemannsretten is NOT valid anymore. Collectors always need to get permission from the landowner before they can start collecting.

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Failing to do so, will only deteriorate an already problematic relationship between the landowners and mineral collectors. Some landowners do not allow collecting under any circumstance. The owners of the Mølland quarries, the Ivedal quarries and the Frikstad 4 and 12 quarries do not allow collecting under any circumstance.

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  • The geomuseum has an extensive collection of local minerals, most notably minerals from the pegmatite veins in the Evje-Iveland district.
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On the other hand, if you ask for permission, most of the time you will be allowed to collect that day. If you want to collect iveland dating norway more than one day, you need to iveland dating norway ask for permission to do so.

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