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Initial permit pursuant to this Act may be granted only to persons who carries on reindeer husbandry area when the law takes effect.

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Expropriation In municipalities Meldal, Midtre Gauldal, Oppdal Rennebu, Rindal, Sunndal and Surnadal the King for remuneration discretion require ceded to the state the right to practice reindeer husbandry as this is described in the Reindeer Act §§ 19 to 24, when this is meldal dating norway necessary to ensure continued Saami reindeer herding in the area and it must be expected that the procedure will undoubtedly be of more benefit than harm.

Meldal dating norway to the Reindeer Herding Act Husbandry Act concerning reindeer herding Sami regional reindeer grazing areas and Sami reindeer grazing meldal dating norway apply correspondingly to reindeer herding in the area covered by this Act, to the extent applicable.

The provisions of the Reindeer Husbandry Act §§ 25, 26 and 63 shall not apply.

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Reindeer herding in the area covered by this Act shall fall under the County of Sør-Trøndelag. To be elected a separate trustee selection.

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Commencement and amendments to other laws Act comes into force from the date decided by the King.

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