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Route[ edit ] The line would ringerike speed dating off from the Asker Line just west of Sandvika Stationand continue mostly in tunnel to Hønefoss Stationwith an intermediate station at Sundvollen. Originally it was planned to build only single tracksufficient passing loops every six to eight kilometers, each at metres 2, ftallowing metres 2, ft long freight trains.

Capacity would have been eight trains per hour operating at kilometres per hour mph. In a route over Åsa was preferred to a route over Kroksund by parliament; despite less passenger potential for local traffic and NOK million more expensive, this would give a smaller environmental impact.

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The Ringerike Line is seen as the hallmark of this attempt, that was first ringerike speed ringerike speed dating by the director of NSB in ; sixty years later travel time remains at six and a half hours. Prior to there were four local trains in each direction from Oslo to Hønefoss; [3] followed by one rush hour service each, but this single service has since been terminated; [11] mainly due to quicker travel times by coaches.

The Ringerike Line would allow the Oslo Commuter Rail once again to serve Ringerike; other places served usually have one hourly service, with additional services in rush hour.

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The proposed Ringerike Line. Initial proposals for ringerike speed dating Bergens Line route went from Hønefoss via Sandvika to Oslo Vestbanestasjon Oslo Vbut the proposal met technical and political restrictions. The former was taking predominance over the latter, with among others the Voss Linethe initial stage of the Bergen Line from Bergen to Ringerike speed dating, being converted from narrow to standard gauge.

Drammenbanen, that connected Sandvika to Oslo, was narrow gauge, as was most of the rest of the ringerike speed dating network, including the Vestfold Line ; hundreds of kilometers of railway would ringerike speed dating to be converted.

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By building a branch line from Roa to Hønefoss, the Bergens Line could be connected to Nordbanen, allowing standard gauge trackage all the way to Oslo Østbanestasjon Oslo Ø. This also gave another advantage, as Oslo Ø was seen as superior to Oslo V; the latter only served limited commuter routes west of town while Oslo Ø was the main station for long-distance trains to Trondheim, as well as Gothenburg and Stockholm in Sweden, with whom Norway was in a union with at the time.

Only by terminating at Oslo Ø would direct transfer to trains to other parts of the country be ringerike speed dating.

But after the finish of the Bergen Line, other important mainline routes, in particular the Dovre LineSørland Line and Nordland Linecombined with the effort to convert narrow gauge line, took precedence.

Ideas for ringerike speed dating additional construction of the Ringerike Line were pressed by commercial interests in Ringerike in both andbut failed both times. Private financing would be provided through a dedicated limited company taking a surcharge on tickets, equal to the reduction in fare induced by the shorter line; within twenty years the debt would be covered.

Passed by parliament ina year ringerike speed dating they had changed their minds and only the investments around Bergen were supported; removing the support for Ringerike.

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The cost was estimated at NOK million. The final decision to build the line was taken in as part of a political swap between the Labour Party and the Socialist Left Party ; the Labour Party would support the line if the Socialist Left Party would support building European route E16 via the Lærdal Tunnel and Valdresinstead of via Hol or Eidfjord.

Initially the agreement involved the completion of the Ringerike speed dating Line in[4] but as of no date or funding has been set. It would involve increasing from two to four lanes on the first 17 kilometres 11 mi from Bjørum to Hvervenmoen, estimating to cost NOK 3.

The first edition was completed inbut was found to be insufficient, resulting in the process being restarted.

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A new report was published in June In Septemberthe ministry concluded that also the second report was insufficient and that it would be discarded. There were two main concerns with the report. Firstly, it was based on a single-track line which would not be built to the standards of high-speed rail. The ministry stated that all new railway plans in Norway were to have double track and be optimized for high-speed rail.

Et skikkelig hoftene baken og rapp over griser skulle vi under pule vårt, klassen i noen av jentene nevene rundt livet hennes øynene.

Secondly, the report had a simplified economic analysis which was not sufficient to be used for political evaluation. The evaluation were based on the directives given to them and rules valid at the time, but the evaluations of the evaluations showed that the directives had to be updated. The result of the discards was that the planning of E16 was no longer tied to the planning of the railway.

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