Single klubb i rørvik

single klubb i rørvik

single klubb i rørvik

Passengers 12, Båtsfjord Airport Norwegian : Båtsfjord flyplass is a former regional airport single klubb i rørvik at Båtsfjorddalen in BåtsfjordNorway.

It consisted of an bymeter 2, by 98 ft gravel runway aligned 01—19 roughly north—south and had a simple terminal building.

Swingere Rørvik

Construction of the airport was single klubb i rørvik a local aviation club in and was completed hov singel treff a meter 2, ft runway in May The runway was extended the following year and in the airport was municipalized.

From the start Norving operated air taxi and air ambulance flights.

single klubb i rørvik

Following an upgraded terminal inthe taxi services became scheduled and the Britten-Norman Islander was introduced to Kirkenes and Vadsø. From the Dornier entered service on the Båtsfjord route. Widerøe took over the route with its de Havilland Canada Twin Otter in From Widerøe started replacing these with the larger de Havilland Canada Dash 8 aircraft, but had to keep one Twin Otter in operation past because it could not land on the gravel runway at Båtsfjord.

Velg butikk

To allow for Dash 8 services, a new airport was built further up in the valley. It opened on 9 Septemberthe same day the old airport was closed.

History[ edit ] Varangfly, later renamed Norving, was the first airline to operate regularly to Båtsfjord. Using seaplanes they flew both air taxi and air ambulance services to Kirkenes, starting in the s.

Båtsfjord Airport (1973–99)

As the county had the lowest priority on the state-financed construction of regional airports, there were many locals who called for an intermediate solution with locally financed and simpler airfields. The club was able to secure sufficient funding to start construction in The airport opened in May with a bymeter 1, by 98 ft gravel runway, which was extended to meters 2, ft the following year.

single klubb i rørvik

The aviation club was initially responsible for operations in cooperation with the municipality and Norving.

Although the airport was initially planned mainly to serve air ambulance flights, Norving also started air taxi services. Flights were flown on basis of customer ordered, at the times specified by the customers.

Larviks største sosiale utfordring - Gro Merete Rørvik, VFK og Elin Stangeby LK

This meant that to get reasonable prices a group would have to book a flight together. From 1 January ownership and operations of the airport was taken over by the municipality. The Civil Aviation Administration CAA was skeptical to such operations, citing the terrain hindrances by the location in the valley of Båtsfjorddalen. Permission was granted following municipal investments of NOK 2.

single klubb i rørvik

Båtsfjord was the first airport in Norway to be designated as a route taxi airport. In November Norving was offered 10 million Norwegian krone NOK in annual grants for the flights to Båtsfjord and Hasvik Airportbut this was insufficient to save the airline.

Along with Hasvik Airport and Vardø Airport, SvartnesBåtsfjord Airport was one of three regional airports in Finnmark with government-subsidized routes which did not receive state operating grants. Widerøe stated that with the introduction of the Dash 8 they would no longer be able to serve the airport.

In April the ministry stated that they were considering closing many of the smallest regional airports, including Båtsfjord. The various propositions culminated in April when Parliament decided to nationalize twenty-six regional airports owned by their respective municipalities. The considerations included a proposal to build a new airport.

single klubb i rørvik

At the time Widerøe was obliged to operate routes to the airport until 31 March The departure area had seven seats and all baggage handling took place outdoors.

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