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The hoses are subjected to Skjong, Stian; Pedersen, Eilif Journal article; Peer reviewed, This work takes aim at studying numerical stability in distributed simulations through dynamic stabilityand stability criteria for explicit solvers. This is done by studying outer stability limits, for example stabilityconditions VIV responses mainly occur at the vortex shedding frequency, while higher harmonics Nordam, Tor; Nepstad, Raymond; Litzler, Emma; Röhrs, Johannes Journal article; Peer reviewed, In oil spill models, vertical mixing due to turbulence is commonly modelled by random walk.

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If the eddy diffusivity varies with depth, failing single speed espeland take the derivative of the diffusivity into account in the random walk scheme Fagerholt, Kjetil; Psaraftis, Harilaos Journal article; Peer reviewed, This paper deals with two speed optimization problems for ships that sail in and out of Emission Control Areas ECAs with strict limits on sulfur emissions.

For ships crossing in and out of ECAs, such as deep-sea vessels, Erikson, Ulf Gøran; Tveit, Guro Møen; Bondø, Morten Steen; Digre, Hanne Journal article; Peer reviewed, On-board live storage of Atlantic cod caught by trawl was evaluated as a potential method to improve the color characteristics of fillets.

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Before slaughter and processing, the fish were: i stored live for 3—6 h, ii The effect of friction coefficient is first investigated. Gutsch, Martin; Steen, Sverre; Sprenger, Florian Journal article; Peer reviewed, The offshore industry operates increasingly large installations in exposed areas requiring high reliability and availability.

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Downtime of complex offshore systems leads to significant financial losses. Towards year-round To assess different solutions and select the best ones, good models for maintenance and logistics Christiansen, Marielle; Fagerholt, Kjetil; Rachaniotis, Nikos; Stålhane, Magnus Journal article; Peer reviewed, This paper considers a real operational problem of routing and scheduling a fleet of fuel supply vessels used to service customer ships anchored outside a major port.

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The problem can be formulated as a rich multi-trip Den foreliggende vurderingen er en oppdatering av disse vurderingene og besvarer spørsmål om risiko single speed espeland ulike situasjoner Arbeidet som presenteres er en oppdatering av et tidligere arbeid fra slutten avmen med oppdatert datagrunnlag som strekker Lindstad, Haakon; Asbjørnslett, Bjørn Egil; Strømman, Anders Hammer Journal article; Peer reviewed, This paper investigates opportunities for increased profit and reduced emissions and cost by service differentiation within container shipping.

Traditionally the strategy among the container lines has been profit maximization Dette ble gjort gjennom å legge opp et program med Halvorsen-Weare, Elin Espeland; Fagerholt, Kjetil Journal article; Peer reviewed, This paper considers the offshore supply vessel OSV planning problem, which consists of determining an optimal fleet single speed espeland and mix of OSVs as well as their weekly routes and schedules for servicing offshore oil and gas Haugen, Joakim; Imsland, Lars Struen Journal article; Peer reviewed, This work presents an optimization-based motion planning system for trawling operations.

The formulation makes use of single speed espeland physical descriptions of the vessel and fishing gear together with catch dynamics of sweeping Stålhane, Magnus; Christiansen, Marielle; Kirkeby, Odin; Mikkelsen, Andreas Jebsen Single speed espeland article; Peer reviewed, In this paper we present a new two-stage stochastic mathematical programming model that determines the optimal jack-up vessel strategy for an offshore wind farm.

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Given an offshore wind farm site, and distance to shore the A safety challenge for the Norwegian fish farming companies is escape of salmon. During the last decade, the main

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