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Information in English welcome to Austevoll Legesenter.

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If you need to see your doctor, you can contact us in one of the following ways: telephone Costs 6 kr pr recieved answer. If you need an appointment for yourself or your familiy the same day, please telephone.

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If you need the doctor outside office hours, the number to the doctor on call is You first speak to a nurse and they will put you through to the doctor on call if needed. If it is an emergency situation, the emergency storebø dating site is You have to pay to see the doctor if you are 16 or older.

You also have to pay if you need medicine, bandages or for certain procedures. That is no matter what age you are.

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We accept norwegian cash, norwegian bank card or we can send you the bill. You will recieve a bill if we give you any service agreed on by phone like if we send for you a prescription or "sykemelding". But you don´t pay to make an appointment or get medical advice over the telephone.

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For ordinary appointments you should see your "fastlege". If you need an appointment the same day it might be with another doctor.

We speek Norwegian and English. If you don´t understand that we storebø dating site appreciate it if you wouLd bring with you someone who can translate. Kontakt oss:.

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