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The group consists of 3 students working as a virtual team with one German and two Norwegians. The work has been equally divided amongst the group members.

single speed skålevik

A great thanks to our professor Tero Païvarinta in establishing contact with Fædrelandsvennen and for giving advice in the group work process. Also a great thanks to Atle Brandt and his colleagues at Fædrelandsvennen for their contributions. We would like to dedicate this paper to our single speed skålevik group member, Virpi Païvarinta, who unfortunately had to leave the course, and thank her for bringing the group together. This term paper seeks to identify the prospects and applicability of social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter at corporate level within media corporations.

Single speed skålevik, this paper seeks to establish a brief background on the concept of Social Media and how they are utilized within media corporations, both internationally and in Norway. Secondly, the likely acceptance and current appreciation of social media applications within the target organization were assessed.

To get acquaintance of the aforementioned points, semi-structured interviews featuring a questionnaire as means for data collection were undertaken. These were directed at a select number of practitioners ranging from news journalists to the editor in chief within the target organization.

Finally, we present a discussion and conclusions based on the case study. Introduction Norwegian Newspaper companies start to feel the pressure from a changing media landscape, as internet use inclines and the share of people who only read online news is rapidly growing. The willingness to pay for online news remains low, resulting in marginal online revenues for newspapers. The newspaper publishing industry in Norway faces declining advertising revenues, titles and circulation.

The recent economic crisis has reinforced this downward trend. Particularly, single speed skålevik regional and local press is affected by large declines. In the light of these recent developments, it could be of critical importance for Newspapers to adapt new ways of thinking and to look for strategies to cope with this challenge.

With the advent of social media applications newspaper companies seek to identify the prospects for a utilization of these as a supplementary distribution channel. Currently the use of social media in corporate context is yet in its infancy and many technology related practices are still evolving.

single speed skålevik

This term paper is an attempt to identify the prospects and acceptance of social media within a regional Kristiansand based newspaper, namely Fædrelandsvennen FVN. Background 2. Then we establish how international and Norwegian newspapers are using single speed skålevik adapting Social Media. This change led to rapid growth in the number of users, as well as almost viral growth within noneducational organizations Joinson A. According to some researchers social computing can be seen as a platform to facilitate information exchange between users.

Frequently, the terms social media and computing are utilized in debates about social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and related products. These applications enable users to connect by creating personal information profiles, inviting friends and colleagues to have access to those profiles, and sending s and instant messages between each other. We have chosen to use the term Social Media or SM throughout most of the single speed skålevik, especially in the single speed skålevik study chapter.

The reason is that this seems to be the most frequently used term in the Norwegian vocabulary when talking about these technologies Research The aim at this stage is to introduce some research work produced on social computing within organisations to set the stage for this term paper.

Social computing has become a widely debated topic within society and research. Consequently, a large amount of research on social computing has been produced and published, resulting in multiple views and much dialogue about a variety of ideas, concepts, paradigms and philosophies. Especially, the value of social computing for organizations and their performance is controversially debated. There are two main camps around this debate: Firstly, there is the camp of social media supports.

This camp can be defined by its very positivistic selje speed dating norway towards social media. Some even claim that if you do not participate in Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, you are not part of cyberspace anymore. Furthermore, koppang singelklubben new media offers information channels at relatively low cost while promising high levels of efficiency.

Moreover, this camp argues that social computing can provide a new way for singeltreff grue and communication at eye level with people and customers outside the organization.

They argue that social media promise innovative and exciting opportunities to enhance communication, which could prove to be far more powerful than more traditional communication tools and channels. This camp 2 8 emphasizes that Social Media use is not only relevant for large multinational firms, but also for small and medium sized enterprises SMEand even nonprofit organizations. Using Social Media is not an easy task and may require new ways of thinking, but the potential gains are expected to be outstanding.

Without suitable management help, support, guidance, moderation, administration, and planning communities will and should eventually take on a life of their own, but perhaps without your involvement. Not single speed skålevik is the strategically use of social media to gain marked shares highlighted, additionally some scientists claim that the use of social media like Facebook within organizations could lead to work-related benefits centered on creating and strengthening ties among colleagues.

Secondly, there is the camp of scientists and practitioners arguing that social media are inapplicable solutions in organizational context. This group sees difficulties in mixing personal and professional personas, lack of delineation of hierarchy, status, or power boundaries, and the risk of inappropriate communication single speed skålevik the firewall.

They also see the danger that valuable internal information might be shared in an inappropriate setting.

single speed skålevik

The newspapers we have chosen are well-known for their use of Social Media, not because they are US-based newspapers. It has become a part of their strategy, and is being used every day to gain new readers, earn profit and being up-to-date on what s going on in the world.

Most Single speed skålevik newspapers have adapted some kind of social media hyllestad dating steder past couple of years Kaplan, It is a fact that the American and most likely the rest of the world newspapers have seen a decline in print circulation over the past 14 years, and this can be seen in light with the rise of the Internet and Social Media.

As newspapers create websites, readers are able to read their articles online. Users are able to create user-generated content via comments single speed skålevik articles, forums and so single hå. According to a study of American newspapers done by The Bivings Groupthe percentage of newspapers with enabled usergenerated comments increased from 33 in to 75 percent in Many journalists write blogs in connection to their articles and work in the newspaper, and a lot of hits for a newspaper come through links from other Social Networking Sites SNS.

Using social media can be part of a single speed skålevik strategy for a company. Posting interesting tweets will give you followers, and smaller businesses get over half of their customers through word-of-mouth Cain Miller, The word-of-mouth strategy is just as important for a small beauty salon, as a newspaper that wants to gain more readers.

It is said that social media is an increasing source of traffic for newspaper sites and websites Prescott, Readers use social media Facebook, Twitter and blogs to link their favorite headlines or news stories. SinceNY Times has had a social media editor. In NY Times case, a social media editor is someone that concentrates full-time on expanding the use of social media networks and platforms in order to improve their journalism and get 3 9 the information out to the reader.

Many has questioned the fact that the NY Times hired a full-time Social Media editor, but for many, that showed that they really want to go somewhere with their use of Twitter, Facebook and so on. As stated in the study done by The Bivings Group ; Today s newspapers are in a situation where they must embrace new technologies in order to stay relevant and survive.

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This shows us that Social Media definitely is a place for them to start. As the number of printed newspapers decreases, newspapers need to come up with a Social Media strategy, so they can agree upon how to grasp this new technology. Nowadays, most online newspapers are free to the readers. We can read all articles, without having to pay for it.

The newspaper earns money from clicks and advertisement, and the more readers, the more money. However, NY Times has decided that fromthey will set up a pay-wall.

This means that single speed skålevik will only be certain articles that will be free for the reader, and maybe just the start of an article. People are concerned that this pay-wall will have a negative effect, that the newspaper will loose their readers. Another concern is that single speed skålevik a reader will have to pay in order to read an article, will they use their influence on Facebook to share links? Will they tweet about the article, when they can t single speed skålevik it for free?

The Wall Street Journal has a pay-wall, skålevik singeltreff according to research, newspapers that have readers pay for their articles, get less linkage through Twitter, Facebook etc Prescott, Not only is it important to use Social Media in order to keep up with the world, and to interest the readers. It is also important to have rules and regulations that the employees have to follow, in order to use Social Media the right way.

We call these guidelines. A guideline is defined single speed skålevik, A statement or other indication of policy or procedure, by which to determine a course of action The Free Dictionary.

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  • Простая синтаксическая ошибка - если бы, например, программист по ошибке ввел вместо точки запятую - могла обрушить всю систему.

The Washington Post released in the guidelines that they have for their employees, in order to be able to use social media. The guidelines were basically the single speed skålevik the employees had to follow in order to use social media as part of their work. On the release of the guidelines, many heads turned. Is this what they wanted to achieve? The list was a big list of don ts McLellan, It was a list stating what the employees could not do, and how the employees should act.

As we see, guidelines and strategies are essential for using Social Media to get the wanted effect. FVN s goal is to be the biggest online newspaper in Southern Norway. For this goal to be realized, they need single speed skålevik adapt the thoughts of International newspapers and build a strategy and guidelines that will work for them. While the circulation numbers are decreasing, the number of newspapers applying social media e.

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Facebook and Twitter in the pursuit of new readers is increasing. This section presents the observations on how the ten largest Norwegian newspapers use Social Media Medienorge, The observations are done by investigating the newspapers web sites, their eventual Facebook page s and eventual Twitter account single speed skålevik.

Most observations about Fædrelandsvennen FVNwhich is the main focus of our group work and where we have performed a case study, can be found in chapter 3. Their biggest page, VG Nettsporten, has approx fans. Yes, 5. Their biggest page, Aftenposten, has approx fans. Yes the sandnes  single menn pages belonging to VG. Mostly the other pages related directly to Aftenposten. Yes, 1. Mostly linking to news articles, but also use it to inform abour technical problems with their website.

Approx followers, and they follow approx. Yes, The content published differs from account to account according to single speed skålevik user segment. Their main account has approx followers and is following 1. Last tweet was on October 31, so they don t seems to be very active, but still they have tweets in total.

No integration on the main page, but several different modules when you go to an article. On the main page they have the module showing theirfacebook fans, a module showing how many times an article has been shared on Facebook and at the bottom of the main page they have a direct link to their Facebook datingsider i frosta Twitter accounts. When you go to a sport article, a module where you can Like the Aftenposten sport page is present, and this also shows some of their Facebook fans.

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Another integration when you go to an article is the possibility to share on either Facebook or Twitter. Both of them have a specific segment: Film approx fans and the Friday special edition fans.

Approx fans. Yes, which pages they like varies from page to page. Yes, 6. Their last tweet was in December ! Their account has approx followers, ant follows 0.

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Approx followers, and follows The tweets consist mainly of links to articles. Only one integration on the main page: search in the tax records module. Possibility to share on Facebook when reading an article. You can also like an article, and you can tweet about it.

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Direct links to Facebook page and Twitter account from the top of the main page. Module showing articles shared on Facebook. Option to like related Facebook pages from the main page.

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