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15 Best Things to Do in Sarpsborg (Norway) - The Crazy Tourist

Sarp Falls is very much part of an industrial landscape and its force is captured by three power stations. Despite the paper mills and factories, Sarpsborg has a rich cultural heritage.

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There are Bronze Age inscriptions clustered around the municipality, the most vivid of which is the Bjørnstadskipet, a set of three ships from 3, years ago.

Dettifoss in Iceland and the Rhine Falls in Switzerland are both larger. But Sarp Falls outstrips them for cubic metres per second, with compared to and respectively.

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A road and railway cross the waterfall from above, and there are viewpoints all down the east side of the falls. Sarp Falls is as much an industrial wonder as a natural one, as the water feeds no fewer than three power stations, two on the east side and one on the west.

15 Best Things to Do in Sarpsborg (Norway)

Later the estate began to harness the electrical energy from the neighbouring Sarp Falls. The estate continues to be owned by the Hafslund ASA power company, but you can visit for a tour of the resplendent interiors and learn about the many distinguished families who live here on Sunday afternoons from June to August.

If you see only one thing here, make it the Old Town, which is protected by a star fort dating to the 17th century.

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The Old Town is on a perfect grid of cobblestone streets, mixing Baroque and creaking wooden houses. That central fort is bolstered by yet more, on the green island of Isegran and on land to the singel treff hitra at Kongsten Fort.

Amateur historians will have a field day, climbing over the earth ramparts and examining ravelins and bastions. Well, Kulåsparken has 40 large and small burial mounds from the years AD. And as part of a public keep-fit programme, Kulåsparken has 3. There are also some pleasing old building to look out for on your walk, like the 19th-century Borregaard Hovedgård manor house. This building was seen around the world in when it hosted secret discussions between Palestine and Israel skjeberg dating norway led to the Oslo Agreement.

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The site chosen for the museum was the space around the mysterious ruins of St. These ruins are part of an outdoor museum comprising more than 20 historic buildings moved here from different locations in Østfold County.

On display here is the mesmerising Borgkrusifikset, an enamel crucifix crafted in the city of Limoges in France in the early 13th century. Bjørnstadskipet Bjørnstadskipet Sarpsborg has more ancient rock carvings than any other municipality in Norway, with more than recorded.

The best of these is about three kilometres from the city centre, off the main road at Haugeveien. The Bjørnstadskipet is made up of three ships, one large skjeberg dating norway two small, caved into a huge granite rock face in the Bronze Age approximately 3, years ago.

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The largest image measures 4 x 1. The Bjørnstadskipet is the finest local example of rock carving, but if it has whetted your appetite for more, you could lose whole days travelling across Østfold finding more at Borge and Skjeberg.

The attraction is aimed at children and teenagers, but parents will want to join in, probing topics like health, the environment, energy and space. Skjeberg dating norway of the activities and stations are included in admission, and there are over 70 to get through. Children can control robots, see themselves through an infrared camera, experience zero gravity on a gyroscope, give a weather forecast, and a whole skjeberg dating norway more.

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Also on the agenda are wacky experiments at the Inspiria lab, an outdoor play area and one of the most advanced planetariums in Norway. Sandvika Badeplass, Høysand Source: www.

Østfoldmuseene - Vi fornyer og forundrer!

Trimming the beach are granite boulders and an expansive grassy area shaded by birch and conifers. Close to the water at high season are kiosks for refreshments and a hole mini-golf course. The longest piste is metres long and all five skjeberg dating norway replenished with snow cannons and snow-making facilities.

The cafeteria has a perfect view of the entire centre and is famous for its delicious waffles.


Ågårdselva Ågårdselva A section of this 5. With rocky, coniferous banks and fast-flowing waters, the Ågårdselva is a unadulterated slice of Norwegian wilderness.

You just need to make sure you have a licence, which are inexpensive and can be bought online. Soli Brug hit its apex in the s and 70s, but today is an art space, staging two high-profile exhibitions a year in January and June.

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Built skjeberg dating norway the rock, it was constructed at the very start of the 20th century, and its most pivotal moment came on April 13 On this day ninety poorly equipped Norwegian Army soldiers fought to prevent the German advance across the Rolvøysund bridge, killing almost 30 German soldiers in the battle.

The fort is open and you can peek inside the casemate where the fighting took place.

Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad

Eventyrfabrikken Eventyrfabrikken With a few locations around Norway, Eventyrfabrikken is a godsend for parents with younger children. The branch in Sarpsborg is 2, square metres of craziness, with ball-pits, bouncy castles, soft obstacles, trampolines and pedal karts. Babies and toddlers also have their own soft play area.

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And for grown-ups the time will pass quickly as each centre has a big-screen TV, complementary magazines and newspapers, and free Wi-Fi. Superland Source: booking. All the facilities are inside, so Superland is a year-round attraction. Parents can unwind in the steam room and the relaxation pool, which is heated to 34°C.

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Golf Golfing Sarpsborg is a real sweet spot for golfers, with three courses in close range. Eighteen holes at Øya will cost a reasonable kr.

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A round is a skjeberg dating norway bit pricier at the highly-rated Skjeberg, on the west shore of Isesjøen, which costs kr on weekdays and kr on weekends and holidays. Borregaard is kr at all times, and is set in gorgeous scenery at the end of a peninsula at Opsund. Storbyen Storbyen Sarpsborg This skjeberg dating norway is big enough to be a regional shopping destination for the whole of Østfold County.

Since it opened in it has helped to resuscitate the centre of Sarpsborg, and 19 years later its brick and glass facade still looks fresh. Storbyen has a play area for children and a handful of cafes and restaurants that have created outdoor terraces on the square in front.

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