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Dag Terje Solvang and Bent Høie. Photo: Marius Dalseg Find love in the mountains Share Magic might happen when you hike in Norway, especially if you wear the green beanie for singles or the rainbow-coloured Pride beanie.

You also have a greater vinje gay dating of meeting someone when you share the same, healthy interest.


Many want to signal freedom and inclusion in nature. And by the way — an exclusive version of the green beanie has a red-coloured inside so that you can flip it inside out to quickly update your status if you find båtsfjord dating site in the mountains. Dag Terje Solvang.

Dag Terje Solvang and Bent Høie. Für Singles mit einer grünen und Schwule und Lesben mit einer regenbogenfarbenen Mütze reicht schon eine kurze Wanderung, um in frischer Luft auf die heiße Liebe zu treffen. Wandern ist ein beliebter Ersatz für die üblichen Dating-Apps. Die Chance, dem Richtigen zu begegnen, ist größer, wenn man dasselbe gesunde Interesse teilt. Viele Wanderer wollen damit Freiheit und Inklusion in der Natur signalisieren.

His experience is that same-sex couples are greeted with smiles everywhere they go and vinje gay dating well received at all places to stay in the mountains.

Scandinavia is widely known for its liberal attitudes, and the Pride beanie is an example of how Norwegian society goes further than our neighbouring countries.

vinje gay dating

And if you want to be with like-minded people from the start, you are welcome to join independent dedicated tour groups. They have even made up a few humorous rules on how to hit on someone when hiking in the mountain flirting code see fact box below. The Norwegian Trekking Association has more thanmembers and is rapidly increasing its popularity among young people.

In fact, the youth organisation DNT Ung is the second largest Norwegian youth association — after organised football.

Berge, Festivals und Pride

The mountain flirting code 1. Feel free to start flirting without sufficient experience. Practice makes perfect!

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Inform others about the route you have selected to ensure that you can vinje gay dating again. Respect the beanie colour code. Get stranded by the weather and get an extra day to meet that special one.

vinje gay dating

Always bring plenty of snacks for sharing. The way to the heart is often through the stomach.


Listen to experienced mountain flirters. Bring a map and a compass so that you can ask someone how to use it. Do not hike alone, invite others to join you. The mountain flirting code is an adaptation of the Norwegian mountain code.

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For a long time, the Pride beanie existed as an idea, and it was finally launched in time for Easter in For more than years DNT has been organising hiking tours for everyone, and inclusion is one of its official core values. A couple hiking in the mountains.

vinje gay dating

Like the Vinje Pride that takes place in Jotunheimen every summer. But wait — how sexy are they really, those sweaty mountain hikers? It may help you focus. Along the protected Bjerkreim watercourse, with untouched nature and historical monuments.

vinje gay dating

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